The Great Train Wreck art project, a collaboration between Sacramento and Reno

Great Train Wreck. by collaborative artisans in Reno & Sacramento in 2018.

The Great Train Wreck was an artistic interpretation of railroad history, when outdated locomotives were ceremoniously destroyed in head-on crashes for public entertainment. The California State Fair staged wrecks from 1913 to 1917. For Burning Man in 2018, two full scale trains were constructed from wood to spectacularly simulate a crash-and-burn using movement and pyrotechnics. A train station stood beside the track to provide shade and railroad history. Each locomotive, with tenders, was 40' long, 8" wide & 11' tall, resting on 120 feet of standard gauge track made of wood. The trains were open during the week for tours and photos. On Thursday evening, the trains were sited at the distant ends of the track and were pulled together into a fiery exploding end.

This is a starting page by Doc Indy for The Great Train Wreck - a Burning Man art project from 2018. This page will document not only the Train, but the other works made by Sacramento burners.




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(Here's a quick raw photo archive of the Playa Queen - another of the Sacramento group's art projects)